Looking for Medical Narration?

Are you in need of professional medical narration by a voice over medical narrator with vast experience in healthcare?  My voice is engaging and reflects honesty, credibility, and a mastery of medical terminology that ensures you have the right audio prescription!

Areas of specialty include:

  • Medical & Pharmacology Training

  • Medical Terminology

  • Healthcare E-Learning

  • Medical Animations

  • Hospital Videos

  • Online Healthcare Classes

  • Healthcare Presentations

  • Healthcare Conferences

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical devices and supplies

Ideal for medical narration projects that need an engaging and professional voice with a mastery of complex medical terminology.  As your medical narrator, I will employ versatility and skill to provide voice overs that are well balanced and suit your exacting needs.

Real... Easy to Listen To... Inspires Trust...

Specializing in Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceutical Narration

Does your script include complicated, tongue-twisting medical terminology or jargon and acronyms that are specific to healthcare, medicine, or pharmacology? 


I am happy to help!


Medical Narration Demo:



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